Adobe Pizza Oven - Wood Fired

Adobe Pizza Ovens & Other Features

SOLID EARTH LTD are ideal partners for your creative smaller projects. With our expertise and our artistic flair, we can assist you in DYO or build it for you. Depending on your involvement we operate on a fixed price basis or on an hourly rate. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas and to get a quote.

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Sculpted Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

Simple single chamber pizza ovens that are great for entertaining guests, look wonderful and can also be used for baking bread and doing roasts. Please note that these ovens have to be under cover, protected from rain.

Different sizes for domestic and light commercial use, ranging from 600mm to 900mm diameter. Standard dome shape with or without small chimney. Ovens can be sculpted and decorated. Round or square base made of adobe brick, fired brick or river stone, to working height. Prices start from $1250.00 +GST for a 600dia pizza oven (base separate).

Feature Walls

Interior adobe brick feature walls tied back to a timber frame (veneer brick) look great and enhance the indoor climate by storing heat and dehumidifying. Can be retrofitted to structural walls with adequate footings. Do not need to be engineered to a height of 2.4m. Can be left in the brick look or plastered flat. Many other design options: textures, sculpted elements, alcoves, colours, mosaics, etc.

Garden walls up to 2m height can be erected without building consent (as a fence). They need to have adequate footings and weather protection.

Benchtops and Inbuilt Furniture

Benchtops and other inbuilt furniture are eye-catchers and add unique character to your Interior design. They can be made looking rustic or contemporary.

Not suited for outdoors, unless under permanent cover.

Earthen Floors

Earthen floors made of adobe floor tiles, hardened with oil and polished with bees wax look amazing and add thermal mass to your rooms. They are particularly suited for areas that get direct sun light and are not subject to heavy traffic (such as moving around of chairs).

A concrete slab is required as a substrate.

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