Earthbuilding Products - Adobe Bricks & Tiles

Earth Building Products

  • Unstabilized Adobe Bricks
  • Light Adobe Bricks
  • Earth Mortar
  • Special Earth Mixes
  • Adobe Floor Tiles
Earthbuilding Construction with Adobe

Earth Building Construction

  • Full subcontracting of adobe work on new houses and extensions
  • Restoration work on historic buildings
  • Assistance of owner builders
  • Training of trades people
Earthen Plasters

Earthen Plasters

  • Contemporary interior earthen plasters on GiB board, concrete block and straw bale
  • Traditional earthen and lime plasters
  • Art features
Adobe Features - Pizza Oven

Pizza Ovens & Features

  • Sculpted wood-fired pizza ovens
  • Feature Walls
  • Benchtops and inbuilt furniture
  • Earthen floors
Building with Earth


  • Experimental Earthbuilding
  • Adobe Brick
  • Cob
  • Oven building
  • Other topics on sustainable living
Earth Building info

Earth Building Info

  • Advantages of Earthbuilding
  • History & Techniques
  • Suitability of soils
  • Earthbuilding Design
  • Earthbuilding Association NZ
  • Standards, Specifications & Technical Data

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