Earth Building Products

SOLID EARTH LTD takes pride in their range of high quality earthbuilding products.

Earth building products need to be ordered well in advance to allow enough time for production and drying. We operate on a first in first served basis. The brick manufacture is operated from October to April.

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Adobe Bricks & Floor Tiles

Adobe Bricks

We produce load-bearing adobe bricks of two different densities.

Sizes and Quantities

Our standard sizes are:
Brick Type Length x Depth x Height
Square Brick (load-bearing) 280mm x 280mm x 130mm
Corner brick (load-bearing) 430mm x 280mm x 130mm
Half brick (veneer) 280mm x 150mm x 130mm
Floor Tile 280mm x 280mm x 40mm


With an allowance of 20mm mortar these brick sizes provide a horizontal unit size of 300mm and a vertical unit size of 150mm, which makes the calculation of dimensions very easy. It is recommended to design to a 150mm module to avoid cutting. 23 bricks are required per square meter wall area.


With an allowance of a 10mm mortar bed these tiles are designed for a finished floor height of around 50mm. The tiles can be easily cut for fitting. 11-12 tiles are required per square meter floor area.

Adobe Mortar

We can provide a ready to use earth mortar that is of the same origin as the Adobe bricks or tiles and matches them in color. Our mortar fulfills all requirements related to strength and shrinkage. 1 cubic meters of mortar is enough to lay 250 standard square bricks.

Special Earth Mixes

We can produce earth mixes to your requirements, ie cob mixes or light earth mixes, which are delivered to you wet and in bulk.

Earth Building Products FAQ

How are the adobe bricks made?

The adobe bricks are made in the time-honoured tradition of sun drying a mixture of clay and straw, cast by hand in wooden moulds.

What are the bricks made of?

We utilize the golden clays of the Nelson region, for a brick of strength, durability and appeal. Added light aggregates include untreated sawdust and paper pulp. Our bricks are made without cement.

How do the bricks perform?

Our bricks surpass the NZ Earthbuilding Standards' requirements. We regularly test for structural performance and durability. We have also had our light adobe bricks tested for thermal performance.

View test results in our Technical Documents section.
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